Your Economy

Your definitive source of economic data about business establishments, jobs, and sales across the United States (YE) is an online information tool that allows users to analyze business activity from the community level, to the state level, and across the country. YE tracks the performance of more than 43 million U.S. businesses from 2015 back through 1997, providing detailed information about jobs, sales and establishments.

YE sets itself apart by tracking a unique business identifier number at each individual establishment location anywhere in the U.S. providing an essential view of business activity by region and across time.

Breaking this information down into profiles, YE can track establishments by types, sizes, and activity (gain and loss), showing the unique characteristics and economic impact of businesses in your selected region. YE uses a custom "data engine" to assemble and display vast amounts of data for easy access and elegant navigation.


Welcome to Your Economy 2016!

YE has big changes in big data!

YE assembled a new database using Infogroup Business Historical data for its primary establishment data source. See our FAQ for more info!

  • Replaced NETS data with the YourEconomy Time-Series (YTS) data.
  • Brought more consistency to the YE Indicator dashboard summaries and navigation.
  • Merged the two versions of YE (Profile and Change) into one.
  • Updated the data from preliminary 2013 thru a verified version of 2015 data.
  • Changed the Dashboard indicators to allow quicker access to the most requested data.
  • Changed the Nonresident definition to region being viewed and not state for all regions.
  • Updated MSA to CBSA metro regions.
  • Made things prettier, and squashed a few bugs.

  • All of this so you experience a quicker and more thorough understanding of YOUR economy!


    Discover your location's business dynamics and compare one year to another. YE tracks and sorts multiple metrics by establishments, jobs and sales, to display business activity and impact in a specific region.


    YE 2017 is Almost Here!

    A preview of YE 2017:

  • Uses the YTS (YourEconomy Time-Series) database
  • Adding over 18 million establishments
  • Adding over 35 million jobs
  • A new year of data, welcome 2016