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Business Growth Indicator

The Business Growth Indicator (BGI) provides an overall measure of how the county growing economy ranks against all other counties in the U.S. YE considers the different ways economies grow by breaking down the BGI into 3 Business Activity Categories consisting of 11 growth components chosen to have a strong correlation to business and jobs growth. This means county will increase its odds of having business and jobs growth by improving its BGI.

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The Business Growth Indicator score is a rank in a range from 1 (low) to (high) indicated by three performance groups.

Comparable Regions

How does BGI compare to other counties? The following region's are comparable to :


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Growth Indicator

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Radar Charts

Each of the three Business Activity Categories and its individual growth components that follow are drawn with a blue line and grouped into Radar Charts. As before, they are a measure of how the growing economy ranks in a range from 1 (low) to 100 (high) against all other counties in the U.S.


Business Activity Categories


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What growth components do Business Activity Categories cover?

  • Startups - net new jobs from starts, eternal trade starts, and 5 year survival rates
  • Business Productivity - overall business expansion from job growth, external trade and resident second stage business expansion from job growth, and external trade sales per employee
  • Jobs - jobs gained, net new jobs from expansion, job gain from external trade companies, and job gain from second stage (10-99 employees) companies
  • The three Business Activity Categories are divided into 10 growth components which determine each category score. We begin with Startups.




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    What types of growth components do Startups cover?

  • New Jobs - how many net new jobs were created from startups?
  • External Trade Startups - how many starts are credited to external trade companies?
  • Survival - are companies still alive after 5 years?
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    Business Productivity


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    What types of growth components does Business Productivity cover?

  • Business Expansion - are your companies jobs growing?
  • External Trade Expansion - are your External Trade companies growing?
  • External Trade Sales per Employee - where's your higher average productivity?
  • Second Stage Expansion - are your Resident Second Stage (10-99 employees) companies growing?
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    What types of growth components do Jobs cover?

  • Gained - is your region gaining jobs?
  • Net New Expansion - is your region creating new jobs from growing companies?
  • Gain Second Stage - is your region adding jobs from Resident Second Stage companies?
  • Gain External Trade - is your region adding jobs from External Trade companies?
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