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About YE (YE) lets you explore and learn why longitudinal establishment-level data is important if you really want to know about your economic community. The YE Dashboard lets you discover your location's business profile and compare profiles from one year to another.

YE uses large establishment-level historical data, which supplies the data for over 43 million companies providing detailed information about every establishment including its jobs and sales.

Each Key Indicator you select on YE will have an explanation of what you are viewing. So, what are you waiting for? Go explore your economy!

How To Make The Most Of YE Data

Getting your hands on the right data has never been more important. Numbers provide perspective, eliminate guesswork, speed decision-making - and enhance the quality of those decisions.

YE can help policy makers, economic development professionals and entrepreneurship advocates, and researchers in a variety of ways. It reveals a more granular view of business activity in their regions and shows how their communities compare to others. It can identify important trends and provide relevant information to support economic-growth initiatives.

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