Your Economy Time Series - Microdata Pricing for Research

Geography One Principal Academic Researcher Academic Department, Economic Development Organization or Local/Regional Government College/University, State Government or Federal Agency
Entire US File $15,000 $25,000 $60,000
Public companies and all related establishments (1.3 million), representing 15,500 unique CIKs $10,000 $16,500 $40,000
Any 1 US State $10,000 $16,500 $40,000
Any 1 US Metro Area $5,000 $8,500 N/A
Any 1 US County $2,500 $4,250 N/A
Custom Query: Industries, Job Growth & Churn, Matching $6,000 $8,700 N/A

Any establishment that is/was in the selected geography at any time 1998-current release is included. The establishment records are provided in a CSV file with all variables. See our Database Description» for detailed information.

The above pricing applies to license the microdata records for research purposes for a one year period. Discounts are available for consecutive year renewals.

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