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YE is a set of economic research tools used by academic researchers, policy makers, and economic development analysts following companies at their unique locations across the U.S. YE tracks all establishments (and their jobs), including for-profit (both privately-owned and publicly-traded), non-profits, and government. YE is a true business census of the U.S. economy, and of your economy.

YE sets itself apart from other data sources by using an exclusive time-series establishment-level database (Your Economy Time Series or YE - Time Series) from 2003 through the last complete year.

YE provides online data tools and services, custom data profiles, and very large licensed establishment data:

Online & Modeled Data Tools

  • YE+   YE Community Profile   YE Lists

    Licensed Establishment Data

  • YE Time Series
  • YE is developed by the Business Dynamics Research Consortium, part of the Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship in the University of Wisconsin System.


    Whether gathering data about your economy or accessing data for every economy in the U.S., YE+ lets you see dynamic job creation (or destruction) through access to:

  • Gain/loss activity (starts, closings, expansions, contractions, moves)
  • Starts vs. Closed with jobs Expansion and Contraction toggle
  • YE Market Segment location quotient (LQ)
  • All data downloaded into one spreadsheet (.csv format)
  • Individual chart export options; graphics, PDF, and data formats
  • Print and PDF versions of entire YE+ layout

    Look for new YE+ subscription options starting this summer!


    YE Community Profile reports provide extensive information about your community. Custom geographies are welcome. How do you define your community? We can build the report based on any region including counties, zip codes, or census districts. This can be particularly insightful for municipalities that straddle multiple counties, economic development regions comprised of multiple counties, or economic regions consisting of counties in multiple states. Order profiles for other geographies to compare your community with locations near and far. YE Community Profiles include 25+ graphs, charts, and maps, including:

    • Five-year trends tracking the number of establishments, jobs, and sales volume.
    • Expansions by industry category – understand the types of organizations that have expanded their workforce at least twice in the last five years.
    • Survival rates of establishments by industry and number of jobs.
    • A heatmap showing the number of establishments by county or zip code to highlight geographic concentrations.
    • Information about how many establishments are headquartered in your community, and in which industry categories.
    • Understand your community’s location quotient as compared to industry categories for your state.
    • YE Community Profile example ꜜ

    Prices from $450 - $1,250 depending on geography.


    Do you need to know the executives in your neighborhood? We can help. YE Lists provide contact names, job titles, telephone numbers and more for top executives at area establishments. Lists are valuable for:

  • Economic Development organizations for business retention and expansion visits
  • Non-profit organizations seeking to recruit board members and committee leaders
  • Businesses to use for marketing and/or competitive research
  • Government agencies to connect with constituents.
  • YE Lists example ꜜ

    Please note: YE Lists are for the sole use of the purchaser, and may not be resold, rented or otherwise made available to any other parties.

    YE Lists are available for $0.10 - $0.20 per record.


    YE Time Series is an establishment-level time-series database seeking to evaluate companies at their unique locations across the U.S. YE Time Series is assembled exclusively to track all establishments (and their jobs and sales), including for-profit (both privately-owned and publicly-traded), non-profits, agriculture, and government establishments. YE Time Series focuses on establishments that are “in-business”, meaning they are or intend to be conducting commercial activities. The YE Time Series data contains over 67 million records and over 20 million active businesses. Used by:

  • Economic Development organizations for business retention and expansion in their economy
  • Businesses to use for marketing and/or competitive research
  • Government agencies
  • A bevy of academic research projects

    YE Time Series is available to license annually from 1998, and quarterly from Q1 2020.

    Pricing starts at $5,000 for static (state) regions, and $945 for custom regions.

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