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YE Business Contacts

What are Contacts?

YE business Contacts are the latest (up to the week ordered) contact info on a business in the YTS database. They include:

  • Company name and address
  • Contact name, title, phone number, and email and web address (if available)
  • Industry Description
  • Jobs and Sales size ranges

    You can craft your order based on any region and any YTS field variables, and you can add multiple searches to your request, just keep any eye out for the total number of contacts. With your YE+ subscription, the cost once you reach 2,000 is $.10 cents each.

    Example: if you order 4,000 contacts (not having used any of your YE+ allotment), your total cost would be $200 ($600 without YE+ subscription!).

    Subscribe to YE+ Online and enable contacts at a discount.

    A bit of legal stuff: Use of the business contacts is for marketing or analytical purpose of the end user and can not transferred, resold, or sub-licensed, nor can the contacts be combined or modified for use in any product or service external to the included business contacts.