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United States

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YE provides an overview of the growth history of the region by charting changes in the number of establishments and jobs over time.

ESTABLISHMENTS – An economic unit that produces goods and/or services at a single physical location. YE tracks all types of establishments including for-profit (privately owned and publicly traded), non-profit, and government.

JOBS – All persons currently working at an establishment including full-time, part-time, and temporary workers. This includes proprietorships and sole proprietorships (self-employed), and makes no distinction between employee or non-employee designations.

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CHANGE – The percentage of total annual change in Establishments and Jobs.

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YE shows how net employment change within a region is the result of dynamic activity that can add and subtract jobs over time.

GAIN – The gross number of new jobs added in a region. Gain is attributable to establishment starts, expansions, and moves.

LOSS - The gross number of jobs lost in a region. Loss is attributable to establishment closings, contractions, and moves.

NET NEW - The subtraction of job loss from job gain.

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Job Gain/Loss Snapshot - Last year details of job gain and job loss.

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YE categorizes and counts establishments and jobs by the size of individual establishments. These size divisions include:

Self-Employed – sole proprietorships or one job
Small – 2 to 9 jobs, including proprietorships
SME (Small-Medium Enterprises) – 10 to 99 jobs
Mid Size – 100 to 499 jobs
Large – 500 and more jobs
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YE categorizes establishments by 3 Market Segments related by knowledge, skill, technology, inputs, and demand, allowing them to be compared across regions. This can be useful for different analyses including identifying industries that are driving your economy, and creating employment opportunities.

LOCAL - Establishments that tend to sell their products and services to customers within the region.

EXTERNAL - Establishments that tend to sell their products and services to customers outside the region.

NON TRADE - Establishments that are non-profit (including hospitals), or government.

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